Learn the Basics of When Pigs Fly by NetEnt

By 19 January 2021

NetEnt is a worldwide software develop for digital slot games. It delivers a seemingly impossible game doubled with fun and a cloroful new release. The fun with the game adds with the number of spins for the five reels and three rows available at netentcasino.money .

What is When Pigs Fly All About?

When Pigs Fly provides a five reel video slot that comes fitted 20 payline. The game revolves around pigs in space found at unanorcal. The game is played through a cross shaped grid. The video slots are really interesting featuring symbols embedded with colorful icons, spaceships, helmets, pigs.

  1. Five slots
  2. 20 paylines

The main symbol for the game includes the When Pigs Fly symbol. It also features transparent reels in addition to a set on a rocket launch backdrop. As a new player, you can start by spinning the reels for free. The gain is available at NetEnt casinos.

How Do You Play When Pigs Fly?

Before you begin to play the game, you should start by setting the betting range for the game. Proceed to clicking the level option, which precedes with setting the coin size for each line. This normally ranges between 0 and 10 for the game.

You can also set the value of coin through the use of the coin value option. The coins show the number of coins the player has available for wagering. With the max bet option, it begins the round with the highest bet level and the reigning coin value.

What Dynamics Make When Pigs Fly Epic?

The slot game has the wild, which is crowned in pink, acting as a substitute for all the symbols. It appears on the reels numbers from 2,3,4,5 as part of the game. The game also comes with a set of free spins for new players.

There is also the re-spin feature, which is very rewarding and interesting. You get to activate a re-spin when you combine successfully when the game activates. This has a max of up to 5 total re-spins. Two additional symbols appear after completing a specific re-spin.


Start by Free Spins

You can your journey as an astronaut in space with the pigs by signing up for the free spins for NetEnt slots. The countdown begins after entering the spaceship which blasts off. You do not have to worry about bonus symbols and other match scatters.

  • Unlock free spin feature
  • Not related with match scatters and bonus symbols

With the When Pigs Fly slot game, you have to win in order to unlock the free spins feature. After matching your combination, a player stands to gain a single re-spin. After a successful round, you also stand a chance to another one round.

Increasing Your Chances of Winning

There are many exciting offers with the re-spin feature for When Pigs Fly slot game at NetEnt. With each win for the re-spin, there are several means of ensuring you increase your winning chances. There are 45 ways you can start the game to win.

With the first re-spin, there are over 135 ways in which you can win. With the second re-spin, your winning chances increase to 405. The third re-spin increases your chances of playing with 675 ways. The fourth re-spin increases your ways to 1125 at NetEnt.